Efficiently transporting bulk commodities and finished products across continents.

YashCan Incorporated is established to meet the needs and demands of varied verticals of industries with outstanding solutions.

We are carving a niche as a prominent importer, exporter and Trader of variety of products.

Yasmin Patel

CEO, YashCan

What We Do

We are an independent commodity trading company. We are committed to fulfill the needs and demands of consumers and emerging small businesses & enterprises.

We help make trade happen keeping our core value of environmental sustainability in mind. Whether you are a producer, an existing potential partner in business or an end-user, we help you move physical commodities across the globe by our superior quality products & services.

Our Mission, Vision & Values​

Helping & providing the best services to our client businesses.

We delivers products & services with the aim of building trust and improving the lives of consumers, small business, enterprises and our growing team of employees & partners.

YashCan Incorporated is emerging in Import/Export & Trading industries through its proprietary network design, infrastructure, partnership and engineering & technology capabilities.


At YashCan Incorporated, we are driven by a mission of making the world a smaller place for our consumers and over a billion consumers they serve.


YashCan Incorporated has a vision that is larger than all of us - one that needs more than just employees doing their job right. Everyone at YashCan is a passionate owner building an organization of the future which has the resolve and mettle to provide its best product & services.


We at YashCan Incorporated are committed to building strong communities and acting in environmentally friendly way. YashCan Incorporated has Environmental Sustainability as a core value.